The Prosperity Foundation (TPF) believes that by creating a participatory philanthropic vehicle focused on improving the lives of Connecticut’s Black communities, real change will happen. Supporters of TPF will realize the potential of how community philanthropy addresses critical social and economic issues facing the Black community. TPF is an avenue for learning and connecting the community, expand financial resources to the community’s health, education, and economic development, and, ultimately, enhance the lives of vulnerable Black children.


TPF fills voids in our communities by creating a vehicle that allows donors in Connecticut’s Black community to work together to make their philanthropy more communal, more effective and more powerful. TPF is a crucial new space through which donors can: combine their efforts with like-minded peers through such means as giving circles; continue their existing giving through new donor advised funds; or give to endowed funds designated for specific nonprofit agencies or issues of interest.


The Prosperity Foundation provides several options for donors to realize their philanthropic goals, including unrestricted, donor advised, scholarship, preference, and designated funds, among other options. TPF allows donors a variety of opportunities to achieve their community philanthropy goals in support of Connecticut’s Black community.