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About the Project

First piloting in the Capitol City of Hartford on Barbour Street, the Hartford Renaissance District (HRD) will provide a socioeconomic solution to resurrect and revitalize impoverished neighborhoods for families in the Black community. Barbour Street is in the Northeast section of Hartford.


Our goal is to create a safely sustained quality of life environment for our community. Since the riots of 1968 Hartford’s socio-economic-emotional vacancy is now at a watershed moment for vital socio-economic reforms intentioned to raise self-esteem, instill pride and purpose for families dwelling in the  Barbour street neighborhood to transition to an organic” Healthy Community” without gentrification. Renaming Barbour street is imperative since the name Barbour is after a man who supported the enslavement of Africans.

The Focus

A consortium focused initiative to include, but not exhaustive in the areas of:

  1. Creating an Economic Ecosystem that includes business development & finance.

  2.  Infrastructural bricks and mortar Revitalization & Redevelopment.

  3. Education, Vocational and Digital Literacy 

  4. Health Security (Physical, Mental, Emotional, & Spiritual).

  5. Cultural, Arts, & Entertainment

The Renaissance District:

Renaissance District (in memory of the Harlem Renaissance), is a rebirth providing a holistic solution for a thriving community to include:

  • Resurrect & Restore the People

  • Resurrect & Restore Real Estate

  • Resurrect & Restore Business and Trade

  • Resurrect and Restore Human Needs (Food Security), Safety, Housing, Sense of Family and Belongingness.