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Celebrating Black Philanthropy in Connecticut Through The Prosperity Foundation, Inc.

We at The Prosperity Foundation, Inc., are so grateful for all of our philanthropic partners,

donors, and corporate organizers who have helped us to make a difference in the lives of black people and families throughout Connecticut. We want to take this time to thank each of you for your support and recognize the importance of black philanthropy here in our state.

What is Black Philanthropy? Black philanthropy is an important way of giving back to the

Black Community through financial contributions and donations. It also encompasses charitable giving that focuses on supporting Black organizations, such as nonprofits or Black-led businesses. This type of giving has gained traction over the past decade, with more individuals and organizations recognizing its importance in promoting social justice and economic empowerment within Black communities.

Why is it Important? Black philanthropy is important because it helps provide resources to

those who need them most. These resources can range from scholarships for college students to grants for small nonprofits. This form of giving not only helps close racial wealth gaps but also provides opportunities for growth and progress within the Black Community. Additionally, it can help build strong relationships between donors, philanthropists, nonprofits, and other stakeholders that are essential for creating sustainable change.

At The Prosperity Foundation, we’re dedicated to helping close the racial wealth gap here in

Connecticut through our various initiatives that focus on creating an impact through our three focus areas, economics, health, and education. In 2022, The Prosperity Foundation was able to award $281,000.00 to Black-led and Black-serving small nonprofits in the state of

Connecticut. These awards were instrumental in assisting these organizations by providing

access to capital that otherwise would not be available to them. We are so thankful for all those who have supported us at The Prosperity Foundation over the years—our philanthropic partners, supporters, and donors—who have made our work possible! We are proud of what we have been able to accomplish together—providing economic empowerment opportunities throughout Connecticut—and look forward to continuing our mission into 2023!


Orsella Hughes

Executive Director

The Prosperity Foundation

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