TPF has already become a vehicle for community building and grant making.  TPF's events in Fairfield, New Haven, and Hartford Counties have created spaces to connect the community around a common cause to improve education, health, and economic development in Black communities.  TPF' Small Grants Initiative has begun distributing financial resources to community based organizations addressing these important issues.


-Our educational events on philanthropy highlight how various philanthropic practices via a vehicle such as TPF can make important contributions to supporting organizations addressing education, health, and economic development in Connecticut. 

TPF already has experience engaging the community in a smaller-scale event format.  TPF conducted focus groups throughout the State, and continues to organize educational events.  Many Black professionals attended these events, and engaged in dialogue about the potential of philanthropy.  This kind of discussion raises awareness about how individuals and groups can invest in strengthening the community. Upcoming educational events will recapture this collective thinking among community members to implement philanthropic initiatives through TPF.  These events help cultivate donors interested in giving to TPF in any manner, including to the endowment.

-Our endowment helped to establish TPF’s permanence as a resource to the community.  While the process of building a substantial endowment will take several years, we have begun soliciting contributions toward the endowment. Additionally, in providing other avenues for giving, such as donor-advised funds, and giving circles, TPF presents numerous pathways to participate to the community.  In demonstrating multiple avenues to giving, at any level, in the community, TPF will open doors for gifts to support the endowment.

-Giving circles and donor-advised funds provide donor-driven opportunities to bring donations and grant making into TPF, and important steps toward building an endowment. TPF is recognized not only as a way for donors to manage their giving, but as a portal through which grants can be accessed by community based organizations.  Chances are, many smaller community-based organizations that do not have any foundation grants will get an opportunity for institutional funding through TPF.  Scholarship funds are among some of the funds created within or transferred to TPF.  For donors specifically interested in supporting Black students in Connecticut, TPF provides a unique mission-aligned space.  All TPF giving is intended to strengthen the Black community in Connecticut.  This very specific interest is especially appealing to those donors seeking a home for their funds that are unabashedly emphasizing the particular well-being of the Black community.

Giving circles are another important means by which interested donors can contribute to the community through TPF.  These forms of giving provide opportunities for groups of people with similar interests to pool their gifts to address a particular issue or cause.  These circles could be especially appealing to those who do not have substantial giving capacity, but are interested in contributing and guiding the direction of their gifts.  With an emphasis on the Black community, it is particularly important to highlight paths to giving for those at any economic level.  With this web of potential paths to connect to TPF, this effort is more than a foundation; it is one source through which representatives of the Black community and other supporters throughout the State can connect.