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Our Mission 

To create unique impacts in black communities throughout Connecticut by investing in organizations that address health, education, and economic disparities.


Our Vision

To create healthy thriving Black communities throughout the State of Connecticut.

About Us

Throughout the nation, Black families are disproportionately affected by structural imbalances, institutional racism and economic inequality. This has led to poor outcomes across a number of factors specifically in regard to health, education and economic mobility.  The Prosperity Foundation is a community fund established to strengthen Connecticut’s Black communities in critical areas such as health, education and economic development.  Our mission is to create a sustainable system of support to meet the unique needs of Black communities in Connecticut. The organization is designed as a permanent endowment vehicle that provides opportunities to Connecticut’s Black communities to access capital to meet their unique needs. TPF also enables community members to engage in philanthropy by creating their own funds on our platform.  Through coordinated, focused efforts, TPF believes that philanthropy funded and managed by Black people is a viable and sustainable means of addressing critical social and economic gaps in Black communities.


Our History

In 2010, Howard K. Hill founded The Prosperity Foundation which was an outgrowth of the Urban Prosperity Fund (the “Fund”). The Fund was established as a component of The Community Foundation for Greater New Haven to promote philanthropy, prosperity, and self-empowerment in the Black community.  Additionally, the goal was to effectuate sustainable change and challenge the mindset of the Black community. Hill’s vision was to empower Black people to uplift the Black community by coming together, participating in philanthropic activities, and committing their dollars to support Black-owned businesses and initiatives. As the owner of Howard K. Hill Funeral services, he witnessed many families who were not prepared financially to address funeral costs or life after the death of a loved one. Hill recognized that Black families are economically disadvantaged because of institutional racism and a lack of financial literacy, knowledge and planning to offset financial crises.


Thus, The Prosperity Foundation was created to establish a sustainable system of support to meet the unique needs of the Black community. Our vision is to create a fundamental mindset shift among Black people and within the Black community. We want this change in perspective to be the foundation on which trust and faith in Black business owners will be built.


Our Core Values

  1. Cultural Competence

  2. Equity & Economic Sustainability

  3. Leading Through Accountability

  4. Independence and Donor Engagement

  5. Collaboration

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